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Roasted and Ground Coffee

  • Raw materials are directly selected from the farmers; supervise all stages of taking care, harvesting, pre- processing for high quality, and preserving at the roasting warehouse.
  • High tech roaster equipment and closed roasting process that meets ISO 9001: 2015 and HACCP 2003 food hygiene and safety standards.
  • The fully-equipped modern cupping lab has usually been analysis  coffee quality with the expert from big roasters so that develop many roasting recipes to meet the diverse requirements of customers.





  • Roasting, quality control by experienced experts, Q-Graders, professional roasting team achieved international  certificate , to guarantee the best stable quality roasting batches.
  • The system from “farms to beans” ensures good delivery of OEM / ODM roasting services to customers with a wide range of quality needs and competitive costs.
  • Product lines of Simexco Roasted Coffee: Serepok; DraySap Blend; LakLake Blend; LangBiang
  • Convenient paper filter products: traditional bold, specialty .

100% robusta

50% robusta + 50% arabica

100% arabica



Raw meterial: 100% Robusta Grade 1

Dark roast

Traditional Vietnamese coffee filter, bold style

Bold taste, dark chocolate.

Packing: 250gram


Raw meterials: Blending Robusta type 1 and high quality Arabica

Medium-dark roasting

Coffee bean makes premium espresso by machine.

Bold, aromatic, long sweet aftertaste.

Packing: 250gr, convenient paper filter 15gr.


Raw material: Blending between premium Arabica and high quality Robusta

Light-medium roast.

Coffee bean makes premium espresso by machine.

Aroma, fruity, sour, sweet aftertaste

Packing: 250gram, convenient paper filter 15gram


Raw material: 100% premium Arabica beans

Light roasting.

Coffee bean makes premium espresso by machine, light style.

Aroma, fruity, sour, cooling, sweet aftertaste, many levels in bodies.

Packing: 250gram


Green coffee beans:

- 100% Fine Robusta (Vietnam Amazing Cups),

- 100% Arabica – Specialty (Vietnam Amazing Cups),

- Imported single origin

Roasting in small batch with 500gr – 1000gr (based on bean profile and Coldbrew method)

Good method for using : pour-over, syphon, cold-brew

Packing: 200 gr


Drip coffee

  • The above amazing coffee recipes can be packaged in convenient paper filter.
  • Simexco has a packaging solution that ensures coffee to be kept its taste fresh for up to 6 months.
  • The product is very convenient for customers who are emthusiams fan of coffee, and usually have the trips
  • Packing: 15 gram/bag, 7 bags/ box